Environmentally Focused Property Services for Manitoba

At Lawn Boys, we are committed to contributing to the well-being of the environment. Specializing in improving the overall esthetics of commercial properties, we offer:

  • Commercial landscaping
  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Garbage and debris pick up
  • Weed and tree control

What's more, you can count on us for:

Environmentally-Friendly Lawn Care
We continually strive to offer better service while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Through proper education, we are able to offer the most environmentally friendly program, without sacrificing quality. We continually invest in new equipment and the latest employee training available to ensure our customers receive the best quality property maintenance. All of our services are provided with two important approaches in mind:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
: An approach that uses a combination of techniques in an organized program to suppress pests (such as dandelions, broadleaf weeds, and harmful insects) effectively, economically and in an environmentally sound manner while minimizing the use of harmful pesticides.

Plant Health Care (PHC): Emphasizes managing a healthy plant ecosystem and working with nature, not against, to provide a flourishing landscape for all wanted plants.

This means that when we come across a problem or pest on a property, we do not respond instantly with a pesticide. We take into account the various factors of the landscape—history of the property, fertilization schedules, lawn mowing habits and recent weather reports—to understand the root cause of the problem. A properly maintained landscape can protect itself from pests.

Following a maintenance program specific to Manitoba will allow your property to fend off disease and pests, continue to grow and flourish and be self-sustainable while benefitting the environment. We try to mulch when cutting as much as possible to prevent weeds and promote healthy lawns. When we do have to bag the clippings, we can dispose of them at various recycling depots across the city. Lawn Boys Ltd. consistently upgrades our equipment every year to keep up with the latest EPA emission standards. We mow all lawns at an appropriate height to promote deep root growth and advise all our customers on proper watering techniques (1”/week, watered early morning and dusk). A Manitoba landscape requires many different techniques to remain healthy, all of which we offer and are listed below:
• Lawn Mowing and Yard Maintenance
• Fertilization and Weed Control
• Core Aeration
• Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

• Landscaping

• Snow Removal

If you wish to learn more about responsible property care, please check out some of our resources:
• Landscape Manitoba 

• Health Canada 

• Local Gardener 

• Lake Friendly

Lawn Mowing and Yard Maintenance

Keep your yard or property looking great with our mowing and maintenance services! Enjoy beautiful results without lifting a finger when you hire us.

Lawn Mowing and Trimming: We attempt to mulch all of our lawns depending on conditions, although bagging and disposal is available upon request for an additional charge.

  1. Weekly Maintenance: Weekly as needed, weather permitted cutting and trimming of the lawn, billed as a flat rate monthly price (more economical than per cut pricing).
  2. Per Time Cutting and Trimming: One time charge based on length of the grass, size of the property and if clippings are bagged or mulched.
  3. Vacation Cuts and Property Maintenance: We provide as-needed cutting and trimming of your lawn as long as you need, as well as quotes on bed maintenance and watering if requested.
  4. Rough Cuts and Trimming: Any size property, charged per job.

Yard Maintenance (specializing in exterior commercial property maintenance):

  1. Weeding: Manual, torching, organic pesticides and synthetic herbicides available.
  2. Flower Beds: Turning and edging.
  3. Providing and/or Planting: Annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees (Native MB plants also available)
  4. Parking Lots: Keeping parking lots & surrounding areas weed free

Seasonal Clean Ups
Get ready for the outdoor season or put your lawn to bed for the winter with our spring and fall clean up services.

Spring Clean Ups: Blowing off all beds and the perimeter areas of the property; removing sand/gravel from lawn and boulevard areas and returning it to city property; power raking and/or de-thatching lawn; lowered height mowing/vacuuming of the lawn area; and power blowing all concrete areas. We also offer hand paddle or industrial skid steer sweeping of sand and gravel off boulevards and lawns. Book your spring clean up now!

Spring and Fall Core Aeration

Fall Clean Ups: Blowing leaves out of areas agreed on during estimate; vacuuming or mulching leaves; bagging leaves and placing them in designated area. We will also cut your lawn to lower fall level for winter preparation and minimization of potential spring issues. Annuals and perennials can be removed and cut down for an additional charge.

Sand Removal: Industrial brushing away of sand and gravel off lawns, boulevards, sidewalks, and parking lots.

Garden Rototilling of any size area with walk behind or deep tilling garden tractor.

Contact us for more information on organic mosquito control, yard management and chemical-free, natural lawn enhancement. We offer estate package options.

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